Thesis: Coworking as a new relevant trend for tourism? An exploratory study

Here’s a link to my master thesis from 2016:

“Coworking as a new relevant trend for tourism? An exploratory study”

I started working on this thesis in 2014 – when most people thought coworking was just what they did with their colleagues in the office everyday and no one had a clue what I was on about when I talked about “coworkation”. I dare to say: this is probably the first thesis on coworkation ever written :). And whilst it may seem a bit outdated by now, it is certainly still a helpful overview about the original ideas, terms and concepts in the field of coworking in general and coworkation in particular. And although this topic has been talked about more and more in recent years, the specific tourism angle taken in this thesis is yet something that is lagging behind in practice.

Enjoy! 🙂

Please, if you use any parts of my thesis, just make sure to cite them correctly. Thanks!

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